Therapy is seen as a necessary component to maintaining our inner health.  We're all encouraged to exercise and have a healthy diet but we often neglect and remain unaware of our psychological, emotional and relational health.  In this way, we don't need to have major problems to use therapy because at its core, it's a wonderful tool to increase our self-awareness, freedom, and achieve a better future.


Meditation is an integral practice to those who wish to live a more fulfilling life and while many of us know of it, few of us really understand it.  Dr. Lodro is a long-time meditation practitioner and works to teach others of its usefulness and varieties, and to accurately work through their individual challenges.  His approaches utilize Buddhist Psychology, Western Psychology, and Neurological research.


Dr. Lodrö is experienced and trained in business management and technologies.  He combines these with his work and training in Clinical Psychology and Human Systems.  The natural by-product is an individual who clearly understands how businesses need to effectively run and has deep insights into the structure of groups and the impact that individuals have upon them.  Dr. Lodrö is passionate about his work because it allows him to help others on a larger scale.


The sharing of knowledge and experience is a wonderful and unique attribute of humans.  There is a great deal of power and potential for influence in words and dialogues.  Dr. Lodrö also views writing as a form of meditation practice, if done sincerely, slowly and deliberately.  Therefore, he and other individuals connected to Wakeful Life decided to produce a collective blog to encourage discussion and share their unique areas of knowledge and various experiences.

Helping People & Organizations Realize Their Potential

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