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  • Wakeful Life - The Mission

    The mission is simple: To help people and organizations realize their potential through activities and services that harness their innate and unique strengths.

    Throughout our human lifespan, we naturally spend a great deal of time focusing upon our external environment and enhancing our situation and knowledge.  Collectively, humans have made amazing advances in technology, agriculture, education, communication, and so on.  The purpose of Wakeful Life is to turn our innate human talents inward so that we can learn what it means to be human.  This is accomplished through increased self-awareness, tapping into our innate mental capacities, increasing our knowledge of relational dynamics, and deepening our understanding of why humans do what they do.  When we come to a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our uniqueness, and our strengths and weaknesses, we can realize our true self and live an inspired life.

  • The Power of a Wakeful Life

    What does it mean to live a Wakeful Life?  It means that you've trained your mind and your heart to see the world and yourself as they really are.  From this, clarity, contentment and health flourish.

    We all have the potential to develop ourselves in any way that we want to, but in order to do this, we need to tap into the full power of our mind, heart and body.  We are born with amazing and powerful innate abilities that are inherent in our consciousness, mind and heart.  We are also born into a unique life where our path is our own.  When we live a Wakeful Life, we turn our attention toward these innate abilities, we learn how to harness them, and we figure out how we can create a life that is deeply satisfying.  To be Wakeful is to become deeply aware of who we are, how we work, how others work and how to see our experiences as they really are.  When we're Awake, we live a life that embodies who we were truly meant to be.  We also live how we need to live and find more freedom and flexibility.  Our worries are decrease, our inspirations grow, our experiences are more satisfying, and our relationships flourish.  To live a Wakeful Life is to enjoy a sense of contentment that we probably didn't know was possible and this comes from being genuine.

  • Building Connection and Community

    Another exciting feature of Wakeful Life is that it places emphasis upon connection and community.

    Some of us are inspired to work in ways that promote our individual and collective health.  Others wish to live according to values and practices that might be somewhat outside of the mainstream or dominant culture.  Some are inspired to study a particular area and share this knowledge with others.  And many wish to live a genuine life and to surround themselves with others who wish to do the same.  If you fit into any of these categories, then the Wakeful Life community might intrigue you.

    Wakeful Life was founded by Dr. Tak-Seng Lodrö to not only promote his work and passions, but to also serve as a vehicle where professionals and community members could connect.  It takes a great deal of courage to turn inward, to discover who we really are, and to openly make improvements.   While being genuine in who we are and how we live is something that nearly all of us wish to do, it can be risky.  The world can be cruel, unsafe and others can be extremely judgmental.  The goal of the Wakeful Life community is to promote genuineness, acceptance through imperfection, patience, honesty, improvement and empathy.  This is the aim, this is the challenge, and this is the common bond of the Wakeful Life community.

    If you are inspired to connect with our budding community, please send us a note through our Contact Form.

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